Joker will shoot you in the face!

No doubt, 1 million+ downloads later, the Joker’s fatality has been a HUGE win for us.

Shout out to GTTV.


The Dirtiest Man in Germany

I totally need to write an Über-Leipzig post (the show was mad crazy), but I just haven’t had a chance to breathe since I’ve been back.

However, I just HAD to show you guys this video. I lost my shit. He had no shame.

my new addiction

If you haven’t watched this show yet, you must check it out.

Don Draper is the new Tony Soprano.

Mad Men on AMC

Germany get ready!



mk fan art

the dopeness

Felipe Aguiar’s Mortal Kombat Gallery. ScorpionBlaze@DeviantART

This is some amazing shit. I love it.

Because Jumping Out Of Airplanes Is Fun

Aug 11, 2008

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MK vs DCU || GameTrailers TV Episode

getting ready for the shoot

getting ready for the shoot

A few weeks back, GameTrailers TV did a full episode on MK vs DCU. This was my first television appearance promoting the game, and I was a little nervous. Luckily the piece came out well, and we tied for the highest ratings of all time for the show.

Check it out : MK vs DCU on GameTrailers TV [originally aired 07/04/08]