Robotron:2084 x New Order

Sometimes I wish it was 1983.

Do you ever rediscover something, and bask in the glory of the old becoming new? It’s like listening to New Order’s Power, Corruption, and Lies for the first time in 10 years, and then suddenly it makes it’s way to your OnTheGo playlist because it destroys everything you’ve been listening to lately.

This is exactly how I feel about Robotron:2084.

My 2nd favorite game of all time (after Symphony of the Night, of course) has been available for me to play every day for the last 3 years because I work at the company that produced this motherfucking torture machine 26 years ago. We have a cabinet right up front, and lately I’ve been journeying up there, being mesmerized by the control scheme (TWO JOYSTICKS?!) and frantic nature of the game.

It still holds up after all these years.

I’m stealing this cabinet and bringing it into my office, seriously. Because some asshole in the Purchasing department has the Top Score, and I can’t be having any of that.

Oh and cop this album and give it a listen again:



I guess when he’s not between the sheets with Coco, hating on/feuding with Soulja Boy or watching Law and Order reruns on his TiVo, Ice-T is on XBox LIVE talking mad shit to 13 yr old boys across the US on his USB headset.

Fuck his Prestige Medals. He should be working on the next BODY COUNT album cuz that shit was the truth.

Fast forward to 8:11 to see dude lose a little street cred.

throwback monday

Woke up to a parking ticket. Had to drop 2gs to a leasing agent. Work is blah.

Thank god I found these two albums this weekend. Today is a little bit easier to deal with. NYC tomorrow. DC Thursday.

Late Pass

I’m late.

After consuming too many glasses of the BLACK SWAN last night and not getting enough sleep, this album has made my groggy morning a little more tolerable.

Burial on MySpace
(even though i still don’t fux with MySpace)

why i hate the “R” word

I always cringe whenever people use the term “retarded” around me. It actually makes me physically ill to hear it. I’ve gotten into numerous fights with people over the years when I’ve tried to explain why I believe it’s an incendiary slur. It’s completely disrespectful, and shouldn’t be used to describe ANYTHING, whether it be an idea you don’t like, or even worse, a person.

Needless to say, when these two videos arrived in my inbox today, I shed a tear.

how can she slap?

He actually starts crying halfway through.

MeatBun Shirts

I am totally digging Meat Bun shirts.

Check ’em out here: