Sucker Punch!

Nothing I love more than a good sucker punch.




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Loves it.

Real Life Mortal Kombat

This shit cracks me upppppppppppppppp.

Why I <3 Tanya Saracho

The Chicana Chekhov, Tanya Saracho,¬†explained her perception of the difference between Nerds, Dorks, and Geeks tonight to me over Instant Messenger iChat (Edit: Alicia). After that, she had to doze off and go to bed, while I gazed at the screen and tried to figure out what category, if any, she’s banished me to.

I would tend to agree with her points, but her description of the Geek left me wanting more.

Go see Tanya’s latest play: Kita y Fernanda soon. The reviews have been phenomenal.

And yes, that is Mega Man making an appearance as my AIM icon.