Why I <3 Tanya Saracho

The Chicana Chekhov, Tanya Saracho, explained her perception of the difference between Nerds, Dorks, and Geeks tonight to me over Instant Messenger iChat (Edit: Alicia). After that, she had to doze off and go to bed, while I gazed at the screen and tried to figure out what category, if any, she’s banished me to.

I would tend to agree with her points, but her description of the Geek left me wanting more.

Go see Tanya’s latest play: Kita y Fernanda soon. The reviews have been phenomenal.

And yes, that is Mega Man making an appearance as my AIM icon.




  2. Fixed, for all my Apple heads out there.

  3. No, we were chateando por AIM. No tengo iChat.

    Oye, I did not know the IM was being broadcast over your blogwaves Hec. Coulda warned a girl! But that’s ok, I don’t mind. I love you and think you’re brillerz.

    Ok, nerds. I don’t know about you, but back in school , nerds were intellectual tyrannts who ruled the math team and later went on to Stanford to then make millions. They were not the nice people necessarily. They were greedy and arrogant with their knowledge.

    Dorks were either off beat, didn’t quite fit in, or quirky….something like that. There was something off kilter, but special about them. Something that would later-maybe in adulthood- turn into a kick ass personality or something really interesting. I like dorks. I believe I am now friends with many former dorks.

    Geeks were into one thing. Like drama, or church, or journalism. But their geekiness paid off. If it was Dungeons and Dragons back in the day? They’re designing video games now. (Oh, wait…did you play D&D or is that only kids in my generation?) If they liked band back then, they somehow stuck with it and now write film scores. If they were in yearbook, now they have a pulitzer for an editorial on Oreo cookies. It’s like their interest was focused, and although it limited them back in the day, in adulthood, it’s the thing that made them.

    Ok, I don’t know if this added anything to the conversation. But I just wanted to add my two centavitos on how I pigeon hole.


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