Happiness in Slavery – 1989-2009

Undoubtedly, one of the most influential bands of my life has always been Nine Inch Nails. “Band” is sort of a misnomer since NIN begins and ends with the genius of one man:

I can’t really pin down what it is about NIN that has always resonated with me. Maybe it was the feeling of isolation that was at the root of a lot of his early work. At 16, you feel as if no one really understands you…then all of a sudden you see a guy dressed in black who is able to communicate your feelings of loneliness and misplaced teen angst, over a perfect drum pattern and creative ambient noises.

And then there is this short film. Arguably one of the most visually creative videos of all time, Closer opened my (as well as a few others’) eyes to the world of absolutely fucked up people that dress in latex and chains and use the word fuck a lot.

Tonight at the Aragon, NIN will be performing the 1st of 2 sold out farewell shows. The New York Times ran a review, sounding off on how incredible the night is, as Trent and co. begin the farewell by playing the ENTIRE Downward Spiral album in order, front to back.

Will it be as intense as the Woodstock ’94 performance of “Down In It?”

One can only hope and wish. I’ve seen NIN the last 3 times they’ve come around Chicago,  but to be able to hear them play one of my top 5 albums of all time LIVE, in a venue where I spent quite of few of those teenage nights, is going to be amazing nonetheless.


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