hec is currently working in the video game industry as a producer on a billion dollar franchise you may have played once or twice in your life. in the past he was worked as a busboy, a spy, a public school tech coordinator, and a special olympics coach.  he currently lives in chicago and has 9 plants (2 cactii).


  1. Nice page dude ,you have my dream job :)
    Contact me or contact with me please :)

  2. HI, i was wondering i can i get in contact with or is there an opportunity to help voice or suggested some ideas for mk 9. im a loyal and long time fan if the mk series. i have been playing mk since it first came out. i have all the games, movies, tv shows, comic books, cartoons etc. i would be a dream to be able to help work with u guys on the next mk. thanks

  3. Hector, I’m one of the site administrators for http://www.kamidogu.com. I actually live in Chicago and was wondering what the chances were to get an exclusive interview with you in person? We’re trying to be the first site to publish any new MK news, and having a one on one interview with you would be super kick ass! Please let me know if we can work something out. Your Twitter says you live in Humboldt Park, and I live in Wicker Park. Let me know if there’s a chance. Thanks!

    – Jamie (aka Alvarez on kamidogu.com)

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