Old School R & B Love Fest Volume 1

Haven’t posted in a minute, but today I’m feeling some old school R & B so I’m gonna lay it all out there.

Luther Vandross : Never Too Much – The legend. I don’t even have to say anything more about this, other than the fact that video production sure has come a long way since 1981.

Al Green : Tired of Being Alone (Live) – Where can I get that suit?

Lenny Williams : Cause I Love You – “girl you know i love you, no matter what you do.” I mean, Damn! He means that shit when he sings it. Why don’t they make songs like this anymore? I’m looking at you, T-Pain.

Tim Maia : Imunização Racional (Que beleza!) – My dude Marty Mar turned me on to Tim Maia earlier this year and this is by far my favorite song. The video is kinda weird but the song itself is beautiful. Apparently this guy was in some sort of cult who believed that aliens came down from space and gave the human race love and good things. Whatever, this song is the jam.

Curtis Mayfield : The Makings of You – Epic intro, great melody. Dude is classic. “Love of all mankind, should reflect some sign, Of the words I’m trying to recite”

Hector Lavoe : Emborrachame de Amor – I think my parents used to sneak out to this song when they were shorties and drink Night Train.